We are a small kennel of Manchester terriers, a very rare breed in Slovenia. I acquired the first MTs in our country and became the first breeder of this breed as well. I prefer MT to other breeds as it is a great companion dog, with many talents, highly teachable, very adoptable, healthy and a long living breed. Breeding, however, is not our first nor the only activity. I have been also training dogs for 30 years, mostly for basic socialization, obedience, basics of dog activities (agility, rally obedience, dog frisbee, dog dance), as well as for therapy purposes.

All our dogs are well-behaved and trained in obedience, performing many dog tricks and some dog sports (agility and rally obedience). They are also qualified as therapy dogs (for the elderly and, since the last year, also for children with learning difficulties). All dogs won several beauty contests, on national and international level, although they rareIy participate in pet shows. My philosophy as the breeder is to train dogs for as many activities as they really like. Each dog has its own talents, so I try to identify them and give to each of them the opportunity to be as active as it wants. I don't participate in competitions anymore, since my three growing up daughters are occupied with many activities, even during the weekends.

We live near Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, with lots of green space around the house and our dogs spend most of the time outside, accompanying us wherever we go. I take them for several kilometers long promenades in nature almost every day. Because they are well trained, they can run completely free and, even if we meet other dogs, our MTs just say hello to them and continue running behind my bike.

All our dogs have a wonderful character, they are confident, not scary at all, friendly to other dogs and to visitors, but they are also great guard dogs, barking only when they have to. They are very adjustable and easily accept any activity we are practising. As soon as we open the car doors, they all jump inside and enjoy the ride. We take them for a trip at least once a week and spend several hours playing with them in nature.

My dogs are mostly fed with raw food or with meat and fish that is only cooked for a few minutes and they eat high quality kibblets (Arden Grange) just once per week. I know that this is the best combination for our MTs because I studied carefully the dogs' digestion, the structure of their teeth, their nature and I searched for reasons of most common dog diseases.

None of my dogs has had any diseases so far (the oldest female is 14 years old). They are all free from von Willenbrand disease, none of them has had hearth murmor, all dogs are free from patella and any eyes or teeth diseases. My vet checks all of them once per year (blood test, clinical examination).

I pair only adult females (older than 2-2,5 years), well obedient, with a stable and friendly character, genetically and clinically healthy and in great physical condition. I apply the same criteria when searching for a stud for breeding with my bitches. Such a breeding philosophy is obviously successful as none of our puppies has ever had any genetically caused diseases.

My puppies are raised with lots of love. I never let alone the pregnant female after the 55th day of pregnancy and I sleep with puppies and their mom until they are two weeks old. In that period they are never left alone, either. None of my puppies has ever died or had any injury so far. From the day 4 to 16 after birth each puppy is submitted to a special test to help its neurological system to develop normally. Every second week I give puppies an anti parasites pasta and weigh them twice a day until they are two weeks old, then once a day till the end of the fourth week. When they are four weeks old and if it is warm enough, they can stay outside all the day long and enjoy in our garden.

Between the 21st and 24th day I begin to feed puppies with raw food from the beginning and they get high quality weaning puppy kibblets (Arden Grange) only the last week, so that they get used to them as well. I test all the puppies to most common alergens in their food (meat, carbo hidrates, vegetables, fruit, milk products). From their fourth week, I begin to socialize my puppies together and individually with different sounds, people, animals, surroundings and groundings. The week after I test also their character for the first time. It is also the right time for the first lessons to make them pee outside and we are training it every day on the same schedule. When they are six weeks old we begin with short car rides every second day, so that they get used to lay still during the drive. In the same week I introduce puppies to different obstacles on their playground (tunnel, swimming pool, small A-frame, small see saw…) and start attracting their attention and willingness to play with me.

Before the puppies leave the kennel, they are already capable to follow the owner, go for a walk on a leash, enjoy driving in a car, they have good recall and are well socialized for their age. My objective is to help the future owner with good first socialization and training and to give puppies the best possible start in their lives. I also provide all the necessary equipment and required food for each of them, the new owner gets the puppy's folder with all the documents as well as the instructions concerning the puppy's growing up stages, the most appropriate dog food for its digestive system, the list of food and plants that are poisonous for dogs and my own booklet about socializing and training a puppy till the adult age, so that it can become a well-behaved dog. One week after the puppy's arrival to its new home, we begin training in all basic skills of socialization and future obedience, as well as some dog sports (agility, rally obedience, dog frisbee, dog dance) or tricks. I really enjoy monitoring my puppies' progress once per week over the period of some months and helping their owners, if it is necessary. All my puppies are allways welcome in our house, specially when their owners can not take them on vacation. I also help all the owners of my puppies to buy appropriate dogfood, treats, equipment or toys. I stay connected with the owners, hoping to be the very first person that they will call, if they need any advice concerning dogs.

Because I couldn't find appropriate collars for our breed, I started making them myself. It became a passion for me and my daughters to make different kinds of dog toys, collars, leashes as well as many types of dog treats.